Why booking in advance saves $$

Thinking about your next ski vacation? Early birds really do get the worm here. Here’s how you can save money, stress less and get the best by booking early.


1. Save with early bird prices

It’s well-known that booking your holidays early will allow you to enjoy the best offers. For the biggest savings of the season, you have to bundle your accommodation and lift tickets together as a package.

Thanks to the early bird, you can save money by booking your ski resort at the best price! All that remains is to choose the destination!

Check our early birds here: Special Snow Resorts, Japan, Canada, New Zealand

2. Best accommodation options: take your pick

Booking early means getting what you want. The sooner you book, more choice you’ll get: Residences near the slopes, apartments with view… Or you can wait last minute and take what’s left. It doesn’t sound like the best option,  as all the best places for location, facilities and specials rates tend to be booked out early !

3. Nursery or ski school places


We know very well that you love your children, but you also need time to browse all the slopes of your ski resort by yourself. That’s why, if you want to fulfill this guilty pleasure, you should book as soon as possible and get places for your children. Especially around Christmas and school holidays as this can be on a request bases.

4. Less stress

Booking early (and trough a travel company!) will secured your plan and reduce your stress. Everything will be planned upstream, and you don’t need to worry about last minute issues, because the whole trip is planned from A to Z for months. There’s no better feeling than having a guaranteed adventure to look forward to.

5. Maximize flight benefits


More often than not, flights are also cheaper when you book early. Sorting your vacation well in advance also means you can get the most out of your airline rewards. If you’re booking a flight using frequent flyer points, booking further in advance often means more options, better deals and greater flexibility.

6. More time to perfect your itinerary

Organising your trip earlier also means that you’ve got more time to think about all the details and to adjust everything together. When you choose your travel dates and accommodation, you have a structure you can use to work around: planning activities,…

7. Maximise your travel buddy recruitment time


The sooner you book, the more time you have to convince your friends to join the squad. There’s nothing worse than missing an adventure with your mates simply because it was too last minute for things to fall into place. It’ll also give them more time to accommodate to the initial plan (finding their accommodation, etc.).


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