Hokkaido Snow report – Early February

By Pat

Hakkouda ski 8

Alas I’ve just returned from the wilds of Northern Japan and I’m suffering from a pretty big case of the return to work blues following 10 days in this glistening frozen paradise.

We explored the wilds of Hokkaido and some other secret spots in the search of epic powder and friendly locals. The people were amazingly friendly and helpful everywhere we went and we were treated with 15cm of fresh on a massive base on the first day.

Hakkouda ski 7

The skies then cleared for 2 days of windless sunny groomed perfection before the heavens unleashed on the 4th and 5th days with about another 30 to 40cm of fresh. Thankfully the  winds remaining calm on the whole and the crowds were near non-existent.  Hakkouda ski 4

On the 6th and 7th days we went even more remote and found a little single lift gem hidden in the mist.  Lets just say there was 20cm of snow on the airport runway when we landed and 60cm greeted us on arrival that morning on the hill.  The moral of the story is that there are more than just one powder friendly resort in Japan with ample snow, fine food and amazing lodgings so going off the beaten path should in most cases result in unexpected dividends.

Check the photos for evidence of our ever predictable good fortune and thanks to The Perfect Snow for arranging the whole shebang. Faultless service at mates rates.


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