Why skiing in March is way better than you think!

credit nzski 2After a great winter in Australia, NZ and South America; Southern hemisphere snow season is slowly coming to an end and it’s now time to get ready for Northern hemisphere winter season that will start in 2 months.

While most famous destinations such as Niseko, Hakuba, Whistler, Banff, Park City or Steamboat are almost fully booked for Christmas/NYE and February periods, there are still lots of good deals to take advantage of. These periods are popular among families because it’s holiday time. It’s also popular because everybody thinks that February is the best month to go on a ski holiday in Japan, Canada, USA or Europe.

Of course, Christmas at the snow is always nice but it’s still the early winter season and the snow cover is usually not optimal. February is a great month because of the combination of snowfall and temperatures; we can’t deny that.

But what about the crowd factor?

Crowds in February…

Freedom in March!img_0927.jpg

Would you rather hit the slopes in February with good snow conditions but right in the middle of school holidays (and Chinese New Year in Japan) in a packed ski resort; or 10 days later when everybody is back at work and you can get deals for the best resorts 30% cheaper?

whistler monthly snowfall 2013-2014.png
Contrary to a popular misconception, March still get some good snowfalls and offer some of the best conditions for a snow holiday. Think about it: decent snowfalls on top of the existing snow cover, some bluebirds days, powder and slopes for yourself, no lines for the lifts, don’t need 5 layers to cope with the cold, and to top it off you can enjoy ski holidays 30% cheaper…


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