10 Worst Chat Up Lines To Try This Winter


You’ve most likely read our article about how to turn your chairlift ride into the most awkward moments possible (>> if not, here it is! <<),  so here’s the follow up with more cheesy chat up lines.


hot liftie

1. I think I must have got the wrong chairlift… I didn’t mean to go  straight to heaven!

2. Do you believe in love at first sight or should we go round this chairlift again?


If you want to look more like a stalker than someone who’s really bad at flirting :

3. I bribed the control guy to stop the chairlift. We could be here a while…

4. I bombed off a 40ft cliff yesterday. I’m not afraid to admit that size matters.

5. Even this pow isn’t as sweet as you are…

6. You’re making my stomach do quad corks…

7. I didn’t know angels had to use the chairlift too…

8. I need mouth to mouth! The altitude! *Pretend to faint*

9. Stick with me & you won’t have to ride black diamonds anymore, you’ll be wearing them!

10. Want me to jump off this chairlift? Because I think I could fall for you…

Extra:  Under this helmet and these goggles I look surprisingly like Scarlett Johansson/Kit Harington. You’ll have to trust me on that…




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