Over 70cm of Snow in SPRING !

After an epic Winter in the Southern hemisphere, many think it’s time to put their board/skis back into the closet for another year. But we’re here to remind you that Winter’s ending only means Spring is coming! So if you’re a eager powder hunter as we are, it’s time to put your winter gear back on, for a last ride before a year of powder abstinence… If you haven’t had enough time to give a try to this double diamond slope, or if you just need  to enjoy winter at its fullest, we know you’ll plenty of good reasons to book a last minute trip to your favorite ski resort!

So grab your board/skis & get ready to hit the last slopes one last time this season!

1- Fresh Powder & Bluebird Days

When you feel the first wafts of that warm September breeze, you think that all that winter snow has surely melted, hasn’t it?

giphy (1)

Contrary to a popular misconception, September & early October still get good snowfalls and offer some of the best conditions for a snow holiday.

Spring skiing brings softer conditions with warmer days and a focus on fun on the mountains. It’s the perfect time to hit the slopes for a social time with friends and family. Warmer days are perfect for kids or learners, while the snow sports enthusiasts can continue to get their fix well into the spring months at any of the region’s diverse ski areas.  Be sure to check the snow conditions and weather which can engender early closings for some ski resorts if they are bad.

Presentation1A lot has changed since we’ve done this article: Falls Creek – Oct. 8th; Perisher - Oct. 8th & Mt Buller - Oct. 8th. 

Bonus: Skiing in September means Sun, sun, sun! After 2 days, your face will look like you’ve been in Bali for a week.

2 – Less Crowds

In Spring, everybody is back at work… Except you! Because you know you’ll have the entire slope to yourself if you go skiing in September… Your Smart.


Bonus: You don’t even have time to trip on ski poles while waiting in line for the ski lift, because there’s no one!

3 – Last Minute Deals


The prices drop sharply at the end of the season. What do I need to add to convince you?

4 – School Holidays

The upcoming NSW & Victorian public school holidays are from September 23rd and October 8th. If your kids have never been skiing, why not shop around for a deal and whisk them off down the snow? Their class mates won’t believe how they spent their holidays.


And if you don’t have children, you are also concerned about these dates: Go skiing outside of this period to be sure there’s no kid sitting in the landing area of massive jumps.

5- It’s a long time till next June…

Why dream about the snow all summer? Do it now.

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