Top 5 Family Ski Resorts – Part 1 – What to look for?

Family snow holidays 1A snow holiday with the family is a holiday to remember. There are so many precious moments to be treasured when the kids arrive at the snow like making snowmen, ski school lessons, tobogganing, snow fights and so on. So when choosing a ski resort to take the family to there are a few factors that need to be considered to make your ski holiday is all about fun and family.

Some things to consider when making your choice are:

Easily access – How easy is it to get to and from your hotel to the ski area? Managing a big family can be hard so it’s only natural that you want everything to run smoothly and be accessible. So be aware that some resorts require you to take a shuttle bus from your hotel to the resort but others offer a ski-in ski-out service.

Ski school – Does the resort have a safe and reputable ski school? If you are thinking of giving your kids some lessons at the local ski school then consider the location, reputation and safety of the local ski school. Do the hours suit you? The price? The location? The class numbers?

Family snow holidays in Aspen

Slope gradients – Is the resort you are going to for beginners, intermediate or advanced skiers? Depending on your family’s ski ability you may prefer a resort that has long wide easy runs instead of many steep and hard runs.


Ski run difficulty – How many easy or green/blue runs does the resort have to offer? Most kids need to start learning to ski on runs with little gradient so consider how many of these runs the resort has to offer.

Hotel availability – Do the hotels in the resort offer family suits? When it comes to accommodating more than two people sometimes it can be hard to find the right hotel so make sure you look for a resort where the hotels offer family suits.

ad-photo-skiFamily Fun – What does the resort have to offer your family once the skiing is finished for the day? Some resorts offer cinemas, tobogganing, dog sledding, donutting, playgrounds, trampolining, ice skating and so on. So what kind of après ski activities do you want for your family snow holidays?

Part 2 – Where to go?


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