10 Snow Activities You Need To Try – Part II

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been to plenty ski trips and they all look like the same: Skiing, Eating, Sleeping, Repeat. Attention, I’m not saying it’s not nice, a ski trip is always a ski trip, but I wanted to make a change and enjoy more what the mountain has to offer. So, here’s a combination of the best activities you can do during your trip, to stop your ski routine, and boast about it when you come home:

1/ Heliskiing

Verbier Heliskiing

This is the ultimate snow experience for every snowboarder and skier. Let us take you to the heart of the mountain to enjoy exclusive backcountry terrain. If you are at least a strong intermediate skier, you must add heli skiing to your itinerary. With so much terrain to choose from, even weeks after a snow fall you can get fresh-tracks in pristine powder snow. The altitude is high and generally above the ‘freezing line’, so the snow generally stays in pretty good shape.

If the powder hunter you are is frustrated by all the chairlift queues and crowd in your ski resort,   this is the perfect solution for the people who need fresh powder – heli skiing!  So if your resort offers this option, it seems criminal not to take up this unique opportunity to go heli skiing…

2/ Jacuzzi


All ski & snowboard addicts will boo me, but snow holidays are also a time for oneself. A time to rest, to recharge, to ventilate the mind. And it looks like that chilling in a hot tub with my mates could match many expectations. When temperatures are reaching -5, you’ll be happy to cool down in a 25 degrees hot tub, looking at the stars. So sorry not sorry, but this look like a pretty cool thing to do after a day enjoying the powder.

3/ Diving under ice

from B-383 science groupCredits: B-383 science group

Just to evoke it, I already have chills… Far from being as scaring as we think, diving under the ice is accessible to anyone. You can do it in the mountains natural lakes under a layer of ice thick from 30 cm to 2 meters.  After an adrenaline rush during the diving, you find yourself in the calm of the iced water (Don’t worry, you’re supervised by professionals and entirely equipped!). And that’s where magic happens. No more spoilers, try it and give us your feedback!

4/ Paragliding


To admire Mother Nature, give up on the ski trails and take height! Mountains are the perfect place to para-glide. We sail along a mountain slope before flying into the air. We could stay there with birds for hours. There is nothing left but to be carried away and admire.

5/ Building an Igloo

from nature lifeCredits: NatuLife

Supervised by professionals who introduce you to traditional Inuit techniques, you will be able to create your own habitat for the cold. But you must plan a half-day minimum before you can lodge in your Ice palace. According to the formulas, you can also spend the night there!

6/ Ski Joëring

pg-Ski-joering-France-MontagnesCredits: OT Alpe d’Huez/Laurent Salino

Behind this name a little barbarian hides an old discipline combining skiing and equestrian hitch. But you do not need to be a high-level skier or an emeritus rider to practice Joërig skiing. Well stowed on your skis, just let yourself be pulled by a horse for a ride on the forest roads. Sensations guaranteed.

7/ All Mountains Skills Camp

whistler skills camp by Adam Stein

Depending on where you go, you can always check the different programs offer by your ski resort. And this one, is certainly one of my dreams! Spending 2 days exploring a vast off-piste terrain with a professionally certified guide of course. With a focus on promoting safety and awareness of mountain hazards, you will be introduced to the fundamentals of terrain assessment, hazard analysis, overnight survival, as well as companion rescue; with transceiver, probe, and shovel techniques. So, if you are a powder lover and you want to take your addiction to another level, don’t miss it!

8/ Cat Trax Groomer Rides


I’m sure someone’ll say that we’ve already talked about catskiing, but to my opinion, this experience is very different from cat skiing. You can’t deny, we’ve all been intrigued by the life of the groomers, these people living at night, and working for our happiness on the slopes. And here’s your chance! Join a snow groomers for a short ride and witness first hand how they work their magic on the ski runs!

9/ Climbing an ice waterfall


The ice waterfall, or ice climbing, is a winter activity in its own right. Accessible activity, subject to being a bit sportive, more and more people wish to discover the beauty of these “paths of frost” and this universe frozen by the cold. The “living” support ice that evolves throughout the season, takes quite surprising and unreal forms. Come and take part in the “ice climbing” experience via different formulas!

10/ Zip-lining/tree climbing


Ok, I know almost everyone has already done it. But have you done it during winter? Probably no. So let’s enjoy the joys of sports in the wilderness to recharge your batteries with family, friends or colleagues. For all levels and all desires, move closer to nature at several meters from the ground in complete safety. And for the zip line: Tie up, Close your eyes … and JUMP !!!

Extra: Skibike


Discover the new thrills of a sliding sport that’s easy to learn, even for people who don’t ski. The SkiBike, a fun snow-gliding piece of equipment, is easy to use for both kids and adults, you need only know how to ride a bike. It allows you to descend green and blue ski runs, even on the first try, without fear and for most beginners, without falling. SkiBikes are equipped with a very reassuring and unique braking system that allows you to easily control your speed.

People who do not know how to ski can share fun moments sliding on snow with skiers. Non-skiing parents can join their young children who ski on the slopes.


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