Winter with a Norwegian Wolf pack

Norway is a really cool destination for ski holidays. First of all, Norway is considered as the cradle of skiing. Sondre Nordheim is the Norwegian inventor of the first fairly stable ski binding in the world, often regarded as the pioneer of modern skiing. However, skiing has  considerably changed since the mid-19th century. Today, skiers in Norway are often snowboarders or twintip enthusiasts in a snow park – or even snowkiting.


And the sick detail about this country is that the ski season is pretty loooong: in the highest ski resorts, you can ski from Fall to Spring & even during Summer where there are some glaciers. Norway is also well-known for its cross-country ski terrains, the largest one in the world. If you want to enjoy typical  Norwegian holidays, you need to learn about the traditions. Winter sports are deeply rooted in the Norwegian culture, which is why there are as many rites.

Norwegian nature is extraordinarily beautiful, full of clear waterfalls, crystalline fjords, majestic mountains and spectacular glaciers. According to the Norwegian life philosophy, sustainable development is the responsibility of all. The open air in nature is a real national pastime, which can be observed in the attitude of the inhabitants towards the conservation of nature in the wild.

Living the Norwegian life philosophy for a week looks really tempting… Last March, a survey made by the ONU stated that Norway is the happiest country on earth! After spending your holidays there you might want to stay there forever…

Pal Jakobsen (2)

Another reason to go there is that you can spend a night with wild wolves! I know this activity looks pretty awesome & I’m even excited just thinking about it.

The Polar Park (Arctic Wildlife Centre) offers you a unique wilderness experience.

Pal Jakobsen (1)

Wolves are genetically conditioned to be afraid of humans. Therefore, non-socialised wolves in captivity are afraid of humans, and live under stressful conditions. So the WolfVisit was established to ensure better welfare of wolves in captivity, they are socialized and the only difference with other wolves is that they don’t fear humans & enjoy our company.

tore lorentzen

Spend an afternoon there or an entire night discovering everything you need to know about this mystical animal. You can visit the wolves all year round, but the best time is the winter season: the park is covered in snow & also, wolves are more active.


Pal Jakobsen (1)

WolfLodge is not just a remarkable place to overnight. It is a very special experience which to our knowledge is unique in the world.

The WolfLodge Experience is a complete package. Your host will make sure that all your needs are fulfilled during your stay in this comfy lodge, situated in the middle of one of the large wolf enclosures. This very exclusive high end product is only available a few days per month.

Experience as one of the few in the world a close encounter with a wonderful creature, understand more and feel one of the primal forces of nature.

Pal Jakobsen (3)

Credits: 2- Tore Lorentzen 3/4/5/6-Pal Jakobsen 


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