What does a spare 3.5 mil get you? Blacktail Mountain!

What’s the perfect solution to long lift lines, crowded parking lots, and pricey lift tickets!? Blacktail Mountain Ski Area is the latest and greatest option for anyone looking to purchase their own ski area.



Paying someone else to go skiing is for dummies. With Blacktail Mountain Ski Area, you just write a check for $3.5 million and 1,000 acres of Montana ski terrain can be yours. Located in Flathead National Forest near Kalispell, the ski area’s 426 metre (1400ft) vertical drop tops out at just over 2000 metres (6780ft). Open since 1998, the founder and current own Steve Spencer is ready to retire. This is your chance!
Skiing is expensive and waiting in lines can ruin your powder day. But when you’re the boss, you just cut the line, high-five the liftie, and ski. That’s something you can’t do at Vail. Use your new ski area for birthday celebrations, family reunions or even bar mitzvahs. Open since 1998, Blacktail Mountain has the capacity to move 3,900 people uphill every hour. That’s room for you and most of your friends. That’s the power of two doubles, one triple lift, and a tow-rope..


Whether it’s tree skiing through The Glades or cutting your teeth on Easy Out, Blacktail Mountain has it all. Drop into Independence Terrain Park to hit jumps, boxes and rails. Or enjoy an average of 635cm (250in) of 100 percent all-natural snow.
There’s nothing you can’t do with your own Montana ski area. For only $3.5 million you get the ski area, summit lodge, lifts, operating equipment, and special-use permits.
Blacktail Mountain Ski Area will pay for itself in no time. But we’re not done yet. Call in the next two minutes and you’ll get an unlimited, all-access season pass to your own ski area for the same old price of $3.5 million.
Yea okay!


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