Having adequate travel insurance cover is an essential part of any travel and especially for ski holidays. It's highly recommended to take out an insurance policy at the time you make a booking and pay the deposit. This enables you to get immediate coverage on things like cancellation fees if you are forced to cancel in certain circumstances.

The Perfect Snow use and recommend Suresave who offer cover specifically for ski holidays. They provide a number of options including single and family cover and also provide cover on a range of pre-existing medical condition.

In addition to unlimited cover on medical expenses incurred overseas, Suresave policies provide cover on cancellation costs, luggage and personnal effects, ski resort closure as well as increased cover on ski equipment (ski hire, ski lessons...). It's quick, easy, cost effective and like most car insurance, you'll be very thankful to have it if you need it!

The standard benefits of SURESAVE international travel insurance are numerous and include:

  • Medical expenses incurred overseas
  • Medical evacuation
  • Cancellation costs
  • Additional expenses
  • Travel Delay
  • Trip Disruption
  • Luggage and Personal effects
  • Snow skiing cover

In addition to the above coverage, you will receive these added benefits as part of SureSave's Ski travel insurance.

With SureSave the benefits of the specific Ski Policy include higher levels of ski and snowboard related coverage to the standard SureSave policy, and:

  • Snow Skiing Piste closure
  • Bad Weather & Avalanche Closure
  • Snow skiing equipment replacement
  • cover for off-piste, back-country, heli-skiing & back-country
  • Snow skiing benefits (Overseas medical expenses for serious injuries arising from skiing and/or snowboarding accidents)

IMPORTANT: You must select the Winter Sports Option at the time you purchase your policy and pay an additional premium in order to have cover for all events normally covered by the standard cover. See the Winter Sports Option on page 23 of the PDS for details.

Online applications are only available to persons 18 years and over, please contact The Perfect Snow if you require assistance with your application.

When purchasing insurance online, it is important that you have read the product disclosure statement prior to purchase.




  • Single: you and, if applicable, your dependent children/grandchildren who are under the age of 21, not in full time employment and are traveling with you.

  • Family: you and your travel partner and your dependent children/grandchildren who are under the age of 21, not in full time employment and are traveling with you.


  • Excess Buyout:  Add $20 to above rates and remove the excess from claims.
  • Additional Luggage Cover on  specified items (min value $700 / max value $4,000 / max total insured $10,000): Add 4% of the item valuation.  e.g. a pair of skis worth $1000 add $40 to premium. Receipts/valuation required with policy.



  • Any chronic or currently ongoing medical or dental condition of which you are aware or any complication related to any such chronic or current condition; or
  • Any medical or dental condition, or related complication, the symptoms of which you are currently aware; or
  • A medical or dental condition that is currently being investigated or treated, or has been investigated or treated in the 90 days prior to the issue of the Certificate of Insurance, by a health professional (including dentist or chiropractor or physiotherapist); or
  • Any medical condition, current ongoing or experienced at any time in the past, involving your back, neck, brain, heart, circulatory system, respiratory system or cancer; or
  • Any condition for which you take prescribed medicine; or
  • Any condition for which you have had surgery, or any complication arising from any surgery you have at any time had for any reason; or
  • Any condition for which you see a medical specialist; or
  • Pregnancy
  • The definition applies to you, your travelling party, a close relative and any other person
  • If any of the above apply to you or you are over 81 years of age please contact one of our consultant for more information on the medical assessment process.



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