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The USA is a country offering contrasting landscapes from mountain chains to wonderful lakes and deserts. Foreigners start to come to USA ski resorts over thirty years ago to flee crowded European ski resorts and to search for abundant fresh powder on empty mountains.

Nowadays, USA boasts some of the best ski resorts in the world and even if they are famous all over the globe, you can still expect uncrowded runs surrounded by stunning landscape while still enjoying unrivalled services.

The USA is also famous for doing everything bigger and where anything could happen. Most of the ski resorts in the USA offer huge terrain so you can spend weeks challenging yourself and without getting bored. Most ski resorts are managed like companies, with an emphasis on the customer service. Vail Resorts for instance own more than 10 ski resorts across the USA, including some of the most famous like Vail, The Canyons, Northstar or Heavenly.

Skiing in the USA in a true experience and even if it’s a long flight, it definitely worth it! Abundance of dry fluffy powder combined with empty perfectly groomed slopes and acres of ski terrain to explore; these are just some of the reasons why you should book your next ski holidays in USA.

Contrary to popular misconceptions, USA is not reserved to experts. Although Jackson Hole is famous for its challenging terrain and has recently been ranked #1 ski resort by Ski magazine; many ski resorts provide excellent beginners' areas with large cruiser runs and some of the best English speaking ski schools in the world. 

Another particularity of American ski resorts is they are usually really well connected to major airports, the best example being Park City which is only 45 minutes away the international airport of Salt Lake City.


Why Snowboard or Ski in USA?

USA is renowned for having some of the best ski resorts in the world, but what’s so special about them?

One of the main aspect of USA ski resorts is they are big, really big. So you will never get bored and your chance of doing the same run over and over are really limited. You can cruise around the mountain and that’s a good thing considering the fact you will also enjoy the generous American gastronomy! With such large ski resorts, the variety of terrain is amazing and everyone will find a portion of the mountain that suits their level.

Another primordial aspect is the high standard of services provided in the American ski resorts, with high attention to details and perfectly groomed runs. Indeed, runs can be groomed several times a day to guarantee an exceptional quality of snow even during the afternoon.

Here are more reasons that make USA ski resorts unavoidable:

  •          Uncrowded runs and lifts
  •         Huge annual snowfall
  •          High quality of the accommodation
  •          Heaps of activities, even for non skiers
  •          World class ski school
  •          Challenging terrain
  •          Big ski areas

America loves to provide full experience and USA ski resorts are perfect for that purpose. Apart from skiing and snowboarding, ski holidays in USA provide plenty of extra activities for entertainment during the day and après ski. Also, you will find many shopping opportunities to use your Amex during your stay in any major USA ski resort.


When and Where to go

When to go to USA

The American snow season starts in November and ends in April for most ski resorts in USA, USA is receiving some much fresh powder every winter that 12 US ski resorts are among the top 20 destination in terms of average snowfall. The abundant snowfall is partly due to the north-south orientation of some of the mountain ranges. Squaw Valley in California has a stat of 12 metres (38 feet), just like Jackson Hole in Wyoming and Park City in Utah.

Resorts near the coast tend to have wettish snow but the good side is that it’s more stable.
The central states are known for having the best snow quality. On the opposite, Utah is really dry that you’ll constantly need to apply lip balm to enjoy one of the driest powders in the world.

Temperatures can vary a lot depending on the region and the time of the season. USA ski resorts are not freezing cold if you have the right gear, but temperatures can get pretty mild as the approach the end of the winter season in March or April. For instance, resort like Heavenly in California is perfect to ride with just a t shirt to perfect your tan in April.


Where to go in USA

From the West to the East and North to South, American ski resorts are spread across many of the states. However, Colorado is probably the most famous with 27 resorts dotted across the Rocky Mountains. Some of Colorado ski resorts include Vail, Steamboat, Telluride, Aspen-Snowmass, Breckenridge or the renowned family friendly Keystone.

Another major snow region is Utah with three major ski resorts that are linked together: Park City, The Canyons and Deer Valley. These three ski resorts altogether offer incredibly huge domain of almost 10,000 acres with an amazing variety of terrain to suit every level! Deer Valley is one of the rare skiers only resort and it’s the favourite celebrities ski resort.

California is not only sun but it’s also another spectacular area with some of the best ski resorts in the world. There are plenty of ski resorts gathered around the Lake Tahoe, but the most famous are Heavenly, Squaw Valley and Northstar. These ski resorts boasts probably the most scenic view from the slopes and are located at the border with Nevada, making this destination perfect for the gamblers and parties.

Northern ski states include Idaho, Washington, Montana and Wyoming. Jackson Hole is the one you don’t want to miss with a cowboy atmosphere in the village and the maybe the most challenging mountain you will find. Jackson Hole has been ranked best ski resort in 2013 by Ski Magazine.

Although many of the American ski resorts are in the west, there are also heaps of ski areas in the Eastern United States like Killington and Sugarloaf. With inferior snow conditions and longer flights from Australia, these resorts are less frequented by international riders.

Finally there is also Alaska which is the perfect ski destination in USA for Heli Skiing. Alyeska is probably the most renowned and offer some really challenging terrain.

Aspen Snowmass

Jackson Hole

Lake Tahoe | Heavenly

Lake Tahoe - Northstar

Lake Tahoe - Squaw Valley

Park City


Sun Valley



Deer Valley

The Canyons